PPC Campaigns

Become the brand everyone is talking about. We will develop an effective advertising strategy and content tailored to individual platforms.

Campaign creation and optimization, keyword analysis, product advertising, social networks, product comparison sites and much more.

What we do

PPC Campaigns

We have been helping clients create and manage PPC campaigns for more than 7 years. We will help you maximize profits from your online store and increase your brand awareness.

Social networks

The presentation of products and services on social networks is also becoming more and more popular thanks to the possibility of remarketing and product advertising. Today, no one doubts whether it is possible to successfully earn via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Product comparison sites

We manage XML feeds for comparison sites. From registration, through setting up and managing products to tools like Mergado or Bidding Fox. We adjust the parameters precisely according to the requirements of Heureka, Zboží, Favi, Glami and others.

Advertising on display networks

Creating and optimizing campaigns based on static and dynamic banners, plus video ads for the content networks of Google, Seznam, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and now LinkedIn.

Product advertising

This advertising format is especially important for online stores with a wide product range. The ads are automatically generated and updated using information from the product XML feed.

Keyword analysis

Find out how customers search for your products and services. We will identify relevant search phrases and evaluate your current situation in organic search. Based on the results of your keyword analysis, you'll learn what content is missing from your site and be able to optimize your ads and site structure.


Our process is improved by time and experience. Personal meetings, precise strategy selection, creation of original campaigns and constant optimization are the basis of our success, and yours.

Initial personal consultation

We will first get acquainted with your business and vision, then discuss the conditions of cooperation, including the date and pricing of the campaigns. We will set the timeframe for delivering your goals. Regular consultations can be in person or by phone.

Selection of marketing strategy and channels

After careful analysis of the environment and your target customer group, we will offer you the ideal solution to achieve your goals. We will select communication channels and propose preliminary solutions for the strategy.

Creating campaigns

When creating online advertising, it is essential to deal with certified online advertising editors. We are PPC service partners of Google, and create static and dynamic banners, text and video ads for the display and search networks of Google, Seznam, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Campaign optimization and evaluation

We constantly update our campaigns based on data collected from ongoing campaigns and market developments. We will evaluate your current position in comparison with the competition and develop proposals for new opportunities.

PPC pricing

No PPC campaign is the same - we price each project individually according to the scope of work and the number of systems and formats used, which we carefully select to achieve the set goals as effectively as possible.

One product or service

Suitable for self-employed people focusing on a specific service, or a starting online store promoting one product.

from €120
(2 hours at €60 per hour (excl.VAT)

More services or a small e-shop

Suitable for service companies and smaller start-up online stores.

from €260
(5 hours at €52 per hour (excl.VAT)

Larger companies and e-shops

Suitable for large online stores with a high number of products and categories in the e-shop.

from €390
(8 hours at €48 per hour (excl.VAT)

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