Custom websites

responsive across all devices.

for corporates, multinational organizations and individuals.

Customized website graphics

We create unique design websites that guarantee the recognizability of your brand.

from the design of the web structure, through UX, to the final design of the site.

Marketing and analytics

Conversion tracking and remarketing codes are a breeze with our system.

We utilise Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook, Google Tag Manager and more.

Tailor-made functions

We also develop reservation systems, price calculators or contest websites as required.

Each website can be expanded at any time with an e-shop, language version and many other functions.

Platform GMM Admin

Creation and management of your website is via our own admin system without the need for third parties.

It also acts as a content management system for editing site content. This way, you can easily create a new subpage or edit texts, images, attachments, etc. without any programming knowledge.

Responsive design

We carefully optimize all subpages of the website for mobiles, tablets and TVs.

> More about responsive design

Multilingual website versions

Speak to your foreign language customers and dominate both domestic and foreign markets.

Editing various language versions of the website - easily and clearly within one simple system.

Protection of personal data according to GDPR

Your data and the data of your customers are safe with us.

The GMM Admin system is fully prepared for the GDPR methodology. We protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals (data subjects) related to the processing of personal data.

About us

We help streamline your company's processes and take your brand to a new level above the rest.

We create AI voicebots that can intelligently communicate with customers and autonomously resolve requests. We like to push the boundaries of what's possible to bring clients the best solutions for their business growth.

Work with us from your living room

We are experienced at working remotely using Google Meeting, Skype and Teamviewer.

A personal meeting is also an option.

Corporate identity

We will professionally process the design of your brand.

We employ professional graphic designers who have extensive experience in creating company logos, info graphics, business cards, catalogues, merchandise and more. We use the latest software for this purpose.

Design process

  • Introductory meeting

    How shall we do this? Office or Skype? It's your call.

    First we will get acquainted with your business and your vision for the future. We will set the exact framework for achieving the goals that we agree.

    From the outset, you will be in direct contact with the specialist responsible for your project. Our professional team always responds promptly to your requirements.

  • Keyword analysis

    An essential part of any professional web solution.

    Find out how your customers search for your products and services.

    The results of your keyword analysis will determine what content you should have on your site and help you optimize its content and structure.

  • Web structure creation

    The best structure is built on the results of keyword analysis

    We will create a detailed website structure not only with keyword analysis, but also our broad experience and best practices.

  • Graphic design

    Tailor-made graphics can significantly increase your conversion rate

    Our graphic designers transform every client's idea into a professional solution that attracts immediate attention, without compromising the demands of full functionality.

  • Responsiveness optimization

    A majority of Czechs purchase with their mobile phones

    No device or platform is an obstacle for us.

    Whether your customers visit your site with a smartphone, computer or TV, detailed responsiveness will ensure an exceptional online experience.

  • Web testing

    Measure twice, cut once

    We never underestimate the testing process, which not only includes the initial testing, but also the ongoing process throughout the lifetime of your site.

    We will keep you informed about the results, so you will have the whole process "under your thumb".

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