Virtual receptions for hotels

Voicebot will save you real costs and increase conversions with hotel customers you're otherwise missing out on.

24 hours a day, no waiting in line for a call. Leave the phone calls to our voicebots. They are very efficient.

process the room booking
answer any questions
switch to the correct department
hotel opening hours

VoiceBot is a great addition to your reception team

VoiceBot intercepts other incoming calls that live receptionists are unable to handle and that you otherwise miss.

VoiceBot doesn't need to sleep, doesn't take breaks, isn't late for work and doesn't take holidays.

No more waiting for a reservation

You never have to wait on a busy line again. You always get through and Voicebot picks up the call after the 4th ring. Voicebot can take multiple calls at once and answer them immediately.

It never happens that your phone line is busy. 

Results of Receptionist Max from Wellness Hotel Absolutum

You can see the detailed results of the Voicebot deployed at the Absolutum Hotel reception in the link below:

more info

Greater satisfaction of your guests

It saves time-consuming authentication - based on voice recognition, it can recognize who it is and transfer the call to the appropriate department.

Repeated queries such as booking a room, making a reservation at a restaurant, or information about hotel services can be handled by the VoiceBot.

Language versions

Czech, Slovak, English, German or Ukrainian is not a problem.

VoiceBot can direct the caller to the correct language version during a call. Everything is completely automatic.

Satisfaction check and additional hotel services

The virtual receptionist will call hotel guests back after their stay to see how satisfied they were with the hotel's service.

It will highlight, for example, the possibilities of enjoying a pleasant wellness relaxation, organising a gala dinner in the restaurant or other additional services and packages of the hotel.

Try the live virtual reception

You can test how a call with virtual reception looks like live on the phone number

> Call 00420 910122457 <

The VoiceBot can recognise information such as a guest's room reservation and arrival date or answer basic hotel information. All autonomously using voice commands.

Periodic reporting

Everything clearly and with an evaluation e.g. every week, month or quarter.

It will make it easier for you to sort the type of guests, it will show the time workload. It will help you cover the most exposed hours and better set up the processes of the entire reception and the hotel.

Reception is open 24/7, regardless of your opening hours!

He doesn't have to sleep, he doesn't take breaks, he doesn't go to work late and he doesn't take holidays. VoiceBot works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a break.

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